June 21, 2016 – BIAŁYSTOK – “Mediation in a multicultural society”
Organizer: University of Bialystok – Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

Prof. dr. Leonard Etel
Rector of the University of Bialystok

prof. Mirosław Sobecki – Dean of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Bialystok
prof. Leonard Etel – J.M. Rector of the University of Bialystok
prof. Maciej Perkowski
prof. Dorothy Misiejuk
Dr. Jolanta Szada-Borzyszkowska – Faculty of Education and Psychology University of Bialystok
Dr. Arkadiusz Bieliński – Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok
Dr. Marta Skrodzka – Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok
Dr. Anna Młynarczuk – University of Bialystok
Dr. Katarzyna Szostak-King
Judge Tomasz Kałużny
Judge Joanna Dorota Toczydłowska
Jerzy Mantur – President of the Association for Education and Social Development
Marcin Szargiej – President of the Podlaski Branch for the Association of Polish Mediators
09:00-10:00 – “Schengen border – barriers and opportunities” – Session mobile – multimedia presentation
10:30-12:00 – “Conflicts in multicultural societies”
1. Conflicts in multi-faith families
2. Conflicts in relationships (cross-cultural, multi-denominational)
3. Conflicts related to refugees resulting from the adaptation process – the representative organization dealing with refugees, a representative of the city authorities for Refugees
4. International (cross-cultural) conflicts in the practice of mediation
5. Conflicts in business in the border areas
6. Any international conflicts in judicial practice
12:00-13:00 – lunch break – “Hyde Park”
13:00-15:00 – “Mediation in Russia, Belarus and the Baltic countries – good practices”
– Workshop: “How to mediate?”, “How to train mediators?”
“The methods of dispute resolution” – the experience of Vilnius 2012 – Jerzy Sliwa
– Simulation: casus “Sainkt Petersburg”
15:00-15:30 – “Conclusions” – evaluation – Dr. Jolanta Szada-Borzyszkowska